Custom Glazing

Custom Glass and Heavy Glazing

Architectural Glass is more advanced in handling custom and heavy glass products. Our heavy glass machinery can install up to 500 kg indoors and 1400 kg outside with ease. Glass/Mirror sizes can be up to 130" x 204".  We supply & install the following: 

  • Unique mirrors 
  • Table top glass 
  • Gym mirrors
  • Safety glass
  • Handicap mirrors 
  • Custom glass cut-outs 
  • Custom Showers
  • Curved glass
  • Fire-rated Glazing 

These products can be delivered to you at a competitive price  

Stained Glass

Our In-House Stain Glass Specialist can create unique and beautiful pieces for your space. From small hanging  trinkets to large stained glass windows, no project is too complex for us.  Check out our gallery for our finished projects.

Etched Glass

Whether you want to jazz up a current glass piece or want a unique design on a new one, we can help you with it. Our In-House specialties has over 25+ years of experience and can create some unique designs for your shower doors.