Frequentely Asked Questions

What glass is most efficient?

Depending on what your looking for in your project,  efficiency can mean a few things; 

Regular glass has an efficient of R1

Sealed unites have an efficiency of R2 +

Low E film, Argon gas, Tinting, and additional unit panes can increase the R value of a glass product.

Glass is more efficient than a modern wall because it lets the light and heat in.

What is glass made off?

There are 3 main ingredients used in the making of glass.

Silica sand


soda ash

Believe or not, glass is a liquid!

Can I use 6 mm glass for shower door?

Yes, however, if you are looking to get custom or all glass shower doors, the usual required minimum is 10 mm.  

Do we provide Residential Services?

We can do residential services, however, we are focused on commercial construction.   

Whats the difference between Laminated Glass and Tempered glass?

Laminated glass has a thin layer between its glass sheets called Polyvinyl Butyral, whereas, tempered glass does not.  

Do we produce our own glass?

Glass comes from massive factories that stretch a mile in size. Currently, we source out our glass but cut the pieces to required sizes for projects In-House.  Tempered glass is ordered according to the sizes required as it cannot be cut.

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